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Missed a few doses of my Tegretol about a week or so ago, and yesterday was a complete mess! I had had a bit to drink the night before (4 shots of brandy to be exact) and thought upon waking that perhaps I was still drunk. It was an odd thought, considering more than 9 hours had passes, but what else are you going to think? I tried walking to the bathroom and could not walk straight. Sitting on the john, it seemed as though I myself, and not the room, were spinning. I made it back to the room the same way i had made it out, and went back to sleep. I woke up about 2 hours later feeling incredibly nauseous. *ugh* I hate that feeling more than anything in the world! I brought a trash bag into the room with me and finally vomited after some time of moaning to myself. It was clear, as though all of the soda I had consumed the night before had already digested. I again tried to sleep, waking up after another hour or so... and then the seizure hit me. I stayed in bed most of the day, having seizures appx. every hour or two. My entire body was heavy, my head felt like shit, and walking still took a bit of effort. My boyfriend said my skin was very pale, and my eyes were repeatedly dilating, each one independently from the other. (i.e. one would be big, and the other small)  By the end of the evening my appetite began to return, and the "air in my head" sensation was almost gone. I again returned to bed. Today I feel a bit better. My stomach feels heavy, as though I had just eaten a tub of lard, but not too much else feels out of sync. I am so afraid of having a major seizure, as the dogs have not left my side since I got out of bed. (My friend's dog woke me up by clawing at my door, which she NEVER does) I need to go to the store and don't think I should.

Any thoughts on the alcohol/seizure connection? Is there any at all? I used to drink far more than this NIGHTLY and have stopped for some time, although I did have a few shots of brandy the last few nights, meaning that was not my first night "off the wagon." The dizziness? Was that my TLE acting up, or remnants of the booze? Anyone had any cases similar to this? (cross posted in my own journal.)
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