Janis Cortese (jcortese) wrote in t_lobe_epilepsy,
Janis Cortese

Anyone out there taking Keppra?

I'll try to keep this brief -- hah.

I'm a recent diagnosis for TLE -- have had "things" since I was about 7 or 8, and have all the attendant oddities as well: extreme language and mathematical ability, rotten memory, emotional lability, synaesthesia, extremely good visual data modeling ability, left-handedness with a hooked hand, and occasional odd scents. I'm 40 at the moment.

Spells involve the standard: hyperreality, overwhelming deja vu, waking dreamlike state, occasional blackouts.

Since beginning to take toprol (a beta blocker) for Marfan Syndrome, I haven't had any of these serious, full-on spells but do have some occasional trippiness and what I can only call feelings of depersonalization. It's been a VERY long time, a few years, since I've had a full-on spell.

I have just made appointments for my MRI and a sleep-deprived EEG, but the neurologist has already put me on Keppra, and I'm not at all fond of the idea of going on a medication when I haven't had a spell for an age, and when I don't feel as if I have enough information yet to feel justified in taking another medication. The doctor told me that if I do have another spell, he's required by law to inform the state of California and the DMV, which could cause me to lose my job as I work 35 miles away from where I live and must drive two snarly freeways over an hour each way to get there.

Again though, I've been spell-free for years and I don't care to start sucking down some annoying new thing that may make me feel freaky, sleepy, or otherwise screwed up.

Is there anyone else out there who is currently taking Keppra? What have your experiences been with it so far? If you felt drowsy or easily irked while you were on it, how long did it take before it started to level off and go away, or did it? Any other advice about this?
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