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Does anyone else here wish they could club doctors with bats?

So, I've been on Tegretol for about 3 years now? Something like that. The entire last year I have not had insurance, and trying to get any help- let alone my precious prescription- has been worse than trying to eat my own head. (Not that I would, although during siezure times I sure wish I could just to make it stop!) I realize the body builds a tolerance to the medication (damn body) and I am currenly up to 800mg a day, and still having seizures once a month. Considering I only weigh 115, this seems to be a lot, so upping the dosage would probably be out of the question. (Then again, I'm not an MD, what do I know, right?) Anyway, I recently called our state Epilepsy Foundation and was given a WONDERFUL information packet that explained more than any doctor ever has. I was told some people never quite become epilepsy-free, and that I may just be one of these lucky few. Great.

My questions are these:

1. Does anyone here have catamenial epilepsy? Can a hysterectomy resolve the seizure activity all-together, or is this just wishful thinking?

2. Can I receive disability for epilepsy? I'm sure I can, but does anyone think I will be approved for 1 day of activity every month? If I apply will they take away my driver's liscence right away?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is feeling well!

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