Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in t_lobe_epilepsy,


I have been having weird episodes with memory loss, ringing in my ears, problems with words, and strange smell/taste problems and headaches afterwards. I have had migraines, still do - more so with the episodes. The headache after the episode is in the base of my skull area.

The neuro does not really know if it is migraines or seizures, so I had my EEG at UVA yesterday.

Wow, the EEG really sucked. It was very disorientating and my head was splitting afterwards. I still feel icky today. The strobing lights really made my eyes twitch and I had trouble keeping them closed for the test. The strobe light created some very interesting patterns and hallucinations, though.

I really hate waiting for the results. They would not tell me a thing.
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