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Barely dealing.

Hey, so i'm really new to this and I don't actually think anyone is my friend on this so i guess it can't be read by anyone, right? Doesn't bother me either way!

I'm from Australia, and I have just, somehow, managed to complete high school, as in COMPLETELY finished it.
This year has been the hardest one yet!
Earlier in the year, I managed to get knocked out while playing basketball. There was no real complications except for when i started having seizures a few weeks later.
My family and I were baffled as to what was going on, and of course assumed it was because of my head injury.

Because, school-wise, this was such an important year for me, my doctor and family wanted to control this ASAP.
It took multiple tests and specialist appointments to work out i had a form of rare epilepsy that occurs as a cross of the way my brain matured and genetics (even though noone in my family has ever had a seizure). Of course my schooling year was affected dramatically, and will significantly affect my ATAR (end of year score).
im quite an introvert, so i decided to write a blog behind closed doors. i dont even talk to my parents about it, because i just act as though it doesnt affect me, but it does.
And i can't deal with it much longer.

I just want advice if people can read this on how to go about making things easier.. because i dont understand how im meant to deal with this!
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